Modern World History: A Trip Through History Start Date: May 3rd, 2010 Ending Date: May 19th, 2010

A Trip Through History is an interactive study of Modern World History for ninth graders at Dublin Jerome High School. Students will collaborate, research materials and use technology in the classroom to become expert on their selected topic. Students will be assigned groups by the instructor and accommodations will be made by the instructor if needed.

This project will be segmented to allow students to complete aspects of the project one step at a time. It is imperative that students stay on task and stay with the schedule so they do not lose points and they do not get overwhelmed when the project is due. If a student is not completing their portion of their group assignment then they will be removed from their group and an alternate assignment will be given. The following are key dates during this project.

May 3rd-7th: We will be in the library learning about proper research and researching the content for you assigned content.

May 10th-14th: We will be in the computer lab (C212 or C107) working specifically on your Wikispace. This is where you will be finding media to implement into your project while using the research that you gathered to create you Wikipage.

May 17th-19th: All freshman Modern World History students will participate in a technology based Gallery Hop. Students will be given three days to circulate around assigned computer labs to learn from other expert groups. They will be given a research packet that they must complete. This is not a time for socialization. This is a time to grasp the other content and to ask questions. REMEMBER THIS MATERIAL WILL BE ON YOUR FINAL EXAM!